Thursday, June 01, 2006

They only wanted a small miracle - an immediate exorcism

Yesterday, into the main office of our national church partner came a most interesting ensemble of unlikely and unusual visitors. Three very small, very short, almost pygmy-like Albanian Muslims came into the office. No they did not want humanitarian aid, and no they did not want money. What they wanted was a miracle.

These two men and one girl, were in their mid-20's and they told a long and incredible story. It turns out that the young lady had a demon which caused her to fall, in fact threw the young girl down violently and frequently any time they were more than 200 meters from their home. It seems that the demon regularly talked to the young men and told them that they must not take the girl more than 200 meters from the house.

Of course the men had gone far and wide in their search for help for the girl. They had visited the magicians, the fortune-tellers, the shamans in the Romy villages, they had gone to see the Muslim imams, the orthodox priests, and every other holy man they could find. They had traveled as far as Zagreb (10 hours away by car) searching for release of the demonization of this girl. No success at all. So in complete desperation they were now sitting in the office of the Evangelical church telling this long and depressing tale to our co-workers.

All throughout the telling of their story the girl was sitting there, but she wasn't there . . . her eyes were rolled back into her head and she didn't move at all. Not at all. Finally our co-worker said to the girl, "In the name of Jesus . . . " and that was as far as he got. The girl was instantly and violently put into a coma-like sleep. As the co-worker described it, it was as close to falling down as was possible while sitting in a chair held up by two men. But the reaction to the Name of Jesus was instantaneous.

Our co-worker continued unfazed, talking to the demon within the young lady. "In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God you no long have any stronghold on this woman. You must release her and set her free. In the name of Jesus Christ, the only Son of God you will leave now!" At these words the woman bolted upright in her chair, and it was as if her whole body was clenched in a body-wide cramp . . . it was agony for her . . . and then our co-worker demanded, "Be gone in the Name of Jesus Christ!" and she was transformed and relaxed in her seat.

She focused her eyes on her two friends and her surroundings and her two new friends (our co-workers) and smiled and talked in her normal voice for the first time in a very long time. Christ continues to rule over the forces of darkness with the exact same authority as He always has. Amen.


smrtchik said...

WOW-I got chills up my spine...if that isn't enough to dispel any doubts about Who has true authority over all creation, I don't know what is. I'm so glad to be serving Him. What a mighty, compassionate God we serve! And He is still in the miracle-working business. Amazing!! Thanks for sharing...I'm so encouraged.

Beth said...

Thank God! That is so wonderful. Makes me cry to hear of her being set free.